SAHIL -  A Not-for-Profit 

Motto - Nihil obstat - Nothing stands in the way !

SAHIL - (Social Association of Humane Individuals for the Living) - was founded on 3rd June 1999 and  is a registered society, covered under the Income Tax Exemption Act.

SAHIL, standing firm to its name and meaning -  ’a shore or a coast - a safe haven’,  cultivates and promotes and strides strong towards  all inclusive vision of harmony with all life forms to create a better world for all.

SAHIL firmly and strongly believes Education is the Key to a successful transition in the growth graph of any individual, society, region, nation or the world at large. It measures success with the yardstick of Happiness, Compassion, Wellness and Integrity of all.  


  • Education - that " teaches to be the change we wish to see".
  • Basic and Preventive Healthcare
  • Environmental Activities 
  • Preservation of Local Cultural Heritage
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Rainwater Harvesting Program
  • Farming and Agricultural Development
  • Need of the Hour Projects
  • To Collaborate with Like-Minded Individuals and Organisations to Address calling issues faced on a global level.

Today Sahil has taken firm roots in a village in Rajasthan where we see collective growth of all as the way forward respecting diversity and believing empowerment by way of education and economic activity of all at grass root will lead to a happier and healthier world.

Please join us in building a better community, society, the world.

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