This is one of those road trips on which one does not feel like driving fast but prefer to gently cruise along the serpentine path, inhaling the pristine air and feasting on the visual candy being proffered so generously by Mother Nature.

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Surrounded by high mountains, lush green forests, foggy clouds, and a pleasing climate, Araku Valley is a perfect escape for those who are tired of living the monotonous life. The serene and tranquil environs not only calm your soul but also make your inner soul happy. Yet to be explored to its fullest potential, Araku Valley is one of the most spectacular Hill-station and undoubtedly a stunner.

History and Culture

The town is situated amidst beautiful locales of the Eastern Ghats and has a rich cultural as well as traditional past. The place is perhaps the most beautiful hill station in the south because it still remains unspoiled by commercialisation of tourism. The beauty of the valley has been showcased in Tollywood films as well.  Apart from being a beautiful hill station, Araku Valley is also famous for its rich coffee plantations. The aroma of fresh coffee beans is in the air of Araku throughout. The coffee plantations have been responsible to a large extent for the rehabilitation of the many tribes that stay in and around Araku Valley. It was in 2007 that the first organic coffee brand by tribal growers was launched in India. This organic brand was named Araku Emerald and it enjoys domestic as well as international popularity. Now there are thousands of tribal people who work as farmhands and helpers in these plantations.  


Araku Valley enjoys a moderate climate all through the year. The summers are not hot, unlike those of the plains, and the winters are nice and cold. However, perfect for activities like trekking, caving, and sightseeing, weather in Araku Valley turns balmy and pleasant to travel and explore during September to May which happens to be the best time to visit this paradise.

Best Time
  • September - May

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Araku Valley
Discovered by William King George of the Geological Survey of India, Borra Caves are one million years old and one of the largest caves of the country. These were formed as a result of the flow of Gosthani River on the limestone deposits. These caves are known for the breath-taking...

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