A beautiful hill station in Rajasthan

The only hill station of Rajasthan, its cool atmosphere and lush green surroundings make it a source of comfort from the sultry dessert climate of Rajasthan. According to the Puranas, the name of Mount Abu is the dimunitive of Arbudaancha, which translates to the “forest of Arbhuda” - a snake from Hindu mythology. The hill station once served as a summer resort for the Rajput Kings of the region. Studded with a colourful mix of rustic abodes of tribal communities and posh houses inclusive of British style bungalows and royal holiday lodges, Mount Abu appears to be no less than a wonder in this dessert state. Covered in vast stretches of green forests, serene lakes, and effusive waterfalls, this region allows you to revel amidst panoramic vistas, all year round. Other than its scenic beauty, Mount Abu is also popular as a seat of religious importance for Jains.

Mount Abu has a soothing climate throughout the year as the rich flora covers the entire hillside, which includes flowering shrubs and coniferous trees. However, the best time to visit this hill station is during monsoon and winter, i.e., from July - February. Temperature can maximum dip to 6 degree and maximum rise upto 35 degree Celsius.

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