Regarded as a ride on the sands of time,the state of Rajasthan in Northern India is the largest Indian state by area. Rajasthan literally means “Land of Kings.” It is home to the chivalrous Rajputs, and its battle-scarred heritage is ingrained with pride and tradition. In addition, stunning handicrafts and fine arts were developed and nurtured through patronage by the Maharajas. India's quintessential land of medieval forts, palaces and tigers, and kaleidoscopic festivals, Rajasthan really is the jewel in India's crown.


One of the most colourful and vibrant states in the country, with a heady blend of culture, history, music, cuisine and people welcoming you with smiling faces, falling in love with Rajasthan doesn’t take much time. Rajasthan is steeped in a past filled to the brim with honour, chivalry and heroism.

Jaipur is the capital and gateway to Rajasthan, and once you've slept in a palace, explored a medieval fort or swayed on a camel, you'll want to experience more. All across Rajasthan there are numerous forts and lovingly restored palaces, including Jaisalmer's fairy-tale desert outpost, Amber's honey-hued fort-palace and Jodhpur's imposing Mehrangarh to name just a few.


The cuisine of Rajasthan offers a fabulous variety of mouthwatering dishes. Rajasthan is much of what its culture is and the culture here derives a lot of its colour, festivity, significance and of course, spice, often literally from the diverse and exquisite cuisine here. The delicacies of the state are truly some of the richest, unique and most loved preparations of India. Names such as Dal Bati Churma, Moong Dal ka Halwa, Ghevar, Rabdi and numerous more are popular all across, especially in North India, with their popularity spread beyond the confines of the state.


The intensity and spectrum of colour in Rajasthan is impossible to ignore. The rainbow of fire-engine red turbans and emerald green and canary yellow saris is simply dazzling. Easier to catch on a camera are the bright hues of Rajasthan's many festivals: from garishly decorated camels in Pushkar at Pushkar Camel Fair and Nagaur Fair to the rainbow explosions of Diwali and Holi, celebrated across the region.

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