Our Story

Formed in 1992 by two passionate professionals of the Tourism Industry, Far Horizon Tours came into being to offer intriguing travel opportunities, one-of-a-kind, to discerning travellers from across the world. Created with the ideals of promoting India, which is beyond the Taj Mahal.

As Far Horizon journeyed through the years it explored and pioneered tourism into many off the beaten path destinations where travellers could experience a combination of living cultures with its natural history in the lap of its natural heritage. This was enabled through setting up of luxury camps, eco retreats and river cruise boats to the very pristine unravelled destinations in the interiors. We continue unravelling new horizons onto road less travelled putting a great mix of soft adventure, culture and nature with experiential journeys!!

We are still a nonpareil outfit in this grand scheme of travel opportunities as we stand strong on three pillars of strength - Creativity, Quality and Value - catering to special interest of the traveller!!

Our Founders

Sanjay Basu (Co-Founder & Chairman)

Sanjay nurtured great passion for outdoors, a keen mountaineer, trekker and explorer of the Himalayas in depth. He has scaled seven Himalayan peaks, apart from trekking in various regions spanning from Kashmir, Ladakh, Himachal, Garhwal and Kumaon as well as in Arunachal Pradesh.

An adventurer at heart, he has done all sports of skiing, rafting and extensive jeep safaris.Professional of 30 years plus, since 1982, started Far Horizon Tours in 1992 with keen interest and aim to showcase chosen facets of tourism.

Believing these to be essential for any service sector Organization, Sanjay inculcated the same in Far Horizon.

The companies so established have recorded a very strong growth as its concepts were accepted in the international and the domestic markets. The group is now positioned as one of the top ten tourism organizations in the country. In recognition of the work done, it has been awarded both international and domestic awards and the Ministry of Tourism, Govt. of India as Unique Travel Experience, has even promoted some of its products.

Sanjay is keenly interested in photography with special interest in landscapes, people profiles and colours of fairs and festivals. He also harbours interest in music and is an avid reader.

Anjali Babbar (Co-Founder Director)

A passionate professional of Hospitality and tourism industry, believing life is all about exploring the unknown, growing together and taking all along. Key strengths at handling Operations (field/office/ projects and hospitality) with well spelt and laid out Quality parameters as the bedrock to build the organization. Ingrained in the fine art of Accounts and Finance the drive to lead the organisation towards it's goals was not too difficult a task. A journey all in all truly cherished.

Anjali, an alumni of Tiger Mountain Group, started her career in Nepal in the Hospitality industry at the Everest Sheraton Hotel, moving onto travel industry for a short while before finding her calling in Tourism in all its hues at the Tiger Tops Mountain Travel Head Office, Kathmandu Nepal.

Widely travelled across the Indian Sub-continent, Tibet and to countries across the globe, travelled into the wilderness and off the beaten path comes with ease and is most rejuvenating and inspiring. Meeting and working with diverse people comes with ease and comfort.

Founder of Not for Profit – SAHIL (Social Assoc. of Humane Individuals for the Living in 1999).

Established – Experientia India LLP with its Hospitality Division of Clement Retreats & Spas. It takes you into the life of India in its villages, back of beyond, to experience the rustic warmth and hospitality.

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Our Vision

Our belief is to synergise with intricacy - Creativity, Quality and Value - one of a kind experiences that beckon the traveller to visit this land time and time again!!

Our Philosophy

“It is not what we do that matters………it is how we do it that counts!”

Professionalism meets care, dreams meet reality and it all begins....... when you meet Far Horizon!

Our Ethos

Experience the Living Cultures & Natural History of India through its Natural Heritage with creativity, quality and value.

Social Responsibility

Far Horizon support's SAHIL, a Not-for-Profit organisation which cultivates and promotes all inclusive vision, enabling association with the living world of plants animals or mankind.


3 times National Tourism Award Winner

  • Awarded the prestigious National Tourism Award for
    • 2003-04 Creativity
    • 2011-12 the Most Innovative Tour Operator
    • 2015-16 Best Adventure Tour Operator
  • Four times winners of The Kerala Tourism Award
  • Twice winners of the CNBC Travel Award 2012 and 2013
  • Top five small and medium enterprises of India by SKOCH Foundation
  • Winners of Adventure Sports Expo Asia Award 2018


  • USA - Conde Nast Traveler, New York Times Travel, Travel & Leisure Magazine, Moore International and Coastal Living
  • UK - The Daily Telegraph, The Times and Travel Weekly
  • Australia: Travel Insider - Quantas
  • Switzerland: Neue Zurcher Zeitung AG
  • Germany: Gour-med
  • Spain - The Viajar, Siete Leguas, El Mundo, El Arte de Vivir, ABC & El País
  • France - Voyage de Luxe & Vivre ZeN
  • India - Economic Times, Business World, The Times of India and Outlook Traveller Magazine


  • Nat Geo People Channel,
  • National Geographic Channel and
  • Master Chef Program of Channel Nine.

Gratitude and appreciation

We owe our growth, recognition and prosperity to:

  • Strong Partners/Representatives that share our philosophy of eclectic experiences.
  • Our guests who are most educated, active and culturally sensitive travellers from across the globe.
  • In-house Team of passionate professionals and select band of trip leaders, escorts and guides.

The pride shared by all in creating par excellence experiences, have enriched our clients' lives and we as an organization. We carry our role of responsible tourism across the board!!

Iconic Tours Handled

  • National Geographic Photo Tours
  • Smithsonian National Board
  • Professional Education Society
  • Chicago Field Museum
  • Asian Art Society
  • New York Metropolitan Museum
  • Geographical Society of Australia
  • Tibet House, USA.
  • OPM of Harvard Alumni
  • Yale Community Service Program


  • Goldie Hawn
  • Robert Thurman
  • Russell Brand
  • Late Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, India

Awards and Achievements

Most Innovative Tour Operator - National Tourism Award 2011-12 - Ministry of Tourism GOI
Best Adventure Tour Operator, National Tourism Award 2015-16
National Tourism Award 2002-03
Best Cruise Experience - Assam Tourism - 2016
Most Eco Friendly Project, Kerala State Toursim 1998-99
Best Cruise Experience - CNBC Awaaz Travel Award - 2015
Excellence Award, ATOAI 2007
Innovation in Adventure Activity and Water Adventure - ATOAI - 2016
SME Excellence Award in Innovation - KSMBOA - 2015
TTF Award
Skoch Achiever Award 2014
International Business Excellence Award, by World Economic Progress Society, 1997

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