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Experience the throbbing, daily life of this varied land, where even the mundane is extraordinary. Experience the sights and sounds of its amazing diversity that is embedded in its geography, people and their cultures. Explore the gifts of nature and the timeless marks of mankind that dot the landscape of this country.

With some of the most varied scenery in the world, wonderful wildlife and a rich, cultural heritage, India is an incredibly rewarding destination. India’s remarkable contrasts come to life in the states of the northwest with their majestic palaces, cool hill stations and spectacular Himalayan scenery with snow-capped Himalayan peaks, cool colonial hill stations in Himachal Pradesh, breathtaking summer treks in Ladakh, and opportunities to explore the mountains of Buddhist Sikkim – the Indian Himalaya really does have lots to offer to the keen adventurer. Mighty rivers and exotic wildlife combine with ancient culture and warrior tribes to make Northeast India a spellbinding region to explore. Sun-kissed beaches, serene backwaters, emerald green tea plantations and abundant wildlife are just some of Kerala’s captivating charms.Plunge into the contrast that is India. Bustling yet calm. Enigmatic yet friendly. Unexpected yet comforting. Look beyond the churn and chaos of the world's largest democracy into an eternal core that's remained unchanged across millennia.

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Be ready to be surprised by India, by the simplicity of her people, by the loving welcomes, by the deep reverence for a thirty-thousand year old sacred river, by stunning moments that will drop into your lap. Be prepared to be transformed, forever, by your journey.

Above all, India is the land of celebration: There's always a fair, a festival, a harvest, a birth, a wedding, a ceremony. Rituals melt into sumptuous feasts and most shrines offer free meals to devotees and visitors. Music and dance from traditional performances fill the air. From the harmonious qawali at Hazrat Nizamuddin to the riveting Kathakali at Thekkady, India's joyous art forms can quench your soul.


Just when you think you have completed your India tour, the lip-smacking cuisines steps in. Indian cuisine is a scrumptious smorgasbord of regionally distinct recipes, each with their own traditional preparation techniques and presentation styles – from the competing flavours of masterfully marinated meats and thalis (plate meals) to the simple splendour of vegetarian curries and deep-sea delights. Spices lie at the heart of Indian cooking, with the crackle of cumin seeds in hot oil a familiar sound in most kitchens. The country is also renowned for its tempting array of street food, with vendors selling everything from spicy samosas and kebabs to cooling kulfi (ice cream) and lassi (yoghurt drink).

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