A Safari through Indian Natural Heritage is experiencing nature in its most pristine and diverse form anywhere in the world!

From being the only country of the world with 70% of the greatest mountain chain of the world - the Himalayas, offering the largest number of 6 and 7,000 meter mountains: To again, being the one of three countries with both hot and cold deserts combining, a golden (Thar), a silver (Rann) and high altitude (Ladakh, Lahaul and Spiti) deserts, unlike anywhere else in the world: To yet again, being the only country with equatorial and tropical rain forests along with, alpine forests, which are home to one of the most diverse habitats with flora and fauna of the world: Finally offering, seven navigable and 105 smaller and white water rivers: Not to mention two seas, one ocean, the largest coral islands of the world (the Andaman Islands) with a functional volcano at Barren Island and, an over 7,500 kms long coastline.

India is a country gifted with all the jewels in the lap of nature for the world to experience.

A safari experience through this amazing natural heritage rated as the 6th best in the world is a once in a lifetime experience which will call you back again and again. An adventure that can be done using 4WD vehicles from lodge to lodge, camp to camp or, in a pure expedition style with equipments and provisions loaded on for a great off road experience.

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