Amazing Activities On Board & Off Board the MV Mahabaahu

The hills and mountains, wildlife and verdant valleys, the deep waterways and lush green land, the vast variety of fauna and endless natural sights – this is the rich land of Assam. There is no more perfect vacation destination for the nature lover and intrepid traveller.

This is a destination that is not only the ideal calming and soothing alternative to the hustle and bust of city lives but also one that introduces you to India’s large biodiversity and culture.

Let’s begin with the Brahmaputra River – an awe-inspiring expanse and network of water that nourishes the entire state. Cruising these waters is the MV Mahabaahu River, a luxury cruise between Jorhat and Guwahati sampling culture and wildlife along the way. This cruise ship has reinvented Assam’s tourism like nothing before.

The view from your bed on board the MV Mahabaahu

You can have a long week stay, a 5-day adventure or a quick 2-night 3-day getaway. With each step of the journey, you will experience the best of Assam’s culture, traditions, scenery, cuisine, and its vibrant nature, all in one place!

From an ancient taste of Assam to modern, this 5-star rated ship cruise brings to you the most lavish luxuries and cultural highlights.

Here’s a glimpse of the things you can enjoy onboard the cruise without even leaving: The view: On a clear day, guests can witness majestic snow-capped mountains that are over a 7000m high. When sun rays strike the mountain tops, the view is completely breathtaking. Previous guests have been fortunate enough to spot these views while dining and even while taking a dip in the pool!

Witness 7000m high Himalayan peaks from the MV Mahabaahu deck

Cultural Nights: One special night during the 7-day cruise is dedicated to celebrating the buzzing culture of Assam. You can watch and participate in traditional music and dance performances. You can also try traditional Assamese outfits to give yourself a glimpse of the local life.

Guests playing traditional games and enjoying an immersive cultural experience on board the MV Mahabaahu

Wildlife Spotting: Enjoy watching a herd of elephants taking mud bath on the bank of river or wild buffaloes drinking water from the river. And guess what, if you’re lucky, you can even spot a tiger. Several guests certainly have!

A tiger spotted from the decks of the MV Mahabaahu

Culinary Lessons: On the cruise, you not only get the best authentic Indian food prepared by chefs but also you have a great opportunity to learn, how to cook a particular dish that you really liked.

Traditional Assamese chutneys served in dishes made out of Banana leaves

A Library, Spa & Pool to Indulge You: The cruise offers guests a cosy and comfortable wood-panelled library with a good stock of books. Grab a book you like from the library, read it while relaxing on comfortable couches and enjoy the calming views of the landscape outside.

Want to get all dressed up for the evening? Pay a visit to the onboard salon and pamper yourself with a new hairdo. Indulge yourself further with the onboard spa and get a relaxing massage or head to the sauna, take a dip in the pool, try your favourite cocktail, head off to an uninhabited island for a yoga class – the options are endless!

Grab a cocktail and take a dip – the on board pool awaits

Nature Talks: The MV Mahabaahu cruise is a wonderland for all kinds of travellers, if you want to talk about this place or want to know more and deep, we also have a naturalist on board who can answer all your questions about the terrain, the wildlife, the plantations and the environment of Assam.

If Assam is this ravishing and alluring just from its waterways then imagine how much more magnificent and irresistible it is from the land itself. It is hands down one of the most beautiful states in India.

A Rhino in Kaziranga faces off with the camera

Today, the state is known worldwide for its rich cultural heritage, its festivals, varied cuisine, intricate and elaborate temples, and even its exotic biodiversity! Assam is a perfect tourist destination with plenty of attractions and mysterious. The great nobleman Swami Vivekanand once said: “Next only to Kashmir, Assam is the most beautiful place in India”.

When visiting this state, we recommend you to make time for visiting these amazing places listed below and have an incredible experience that you can only have in Assam.

Kaziranga National Park - Kaziranga National Park is where wildlife and nature’s bounty come together seamlessly. If people think that rare creatures are only found in Australia and Africa, then they should visit Kaziranga with its wide variety of flora and fauna. Known unofficially as the Serengeti of India, the park is home to the Big 6 which, of course, includes the renowned one-horned rhino.

Kaziranga is home to the largest population of one-horned Rhinos, that’s why it’s also called ‘Rhinoland’.

Apart from the rhinos, others dominating the attraction at the national park are Wild Buffaloes, Asiatic Elephants, Royal Bengal Tigers, Spotted Leopards, and Clouded Leopards. Kaziranga offers an extensive array of migratory birds including the Great Hornbill, Pied Hornbill, Greater Adjutant Stork, Lesser Adjutant Stork, Black Necked Storks, Open Billed Storks, and the Woolly Necked Storks to just name a few.

One-horned Rhinos spotted during an Elephant Safari in Kaziranga National Park

For photographers and wildlife lovers, especially, this national park is paradise.

Majuli Island- Majuli is the world’s largest river island and is the world’s largest freshwater island. It offers lush greenery as well as a huge variety of flora and fauna. One thing that makes Majuli purely a tourist hotspot is its vibrant culture.

The life on Majuli is very simple and most of the inhabitants come from either fishing or handicraft families. Bamboo is in abundance here and is used to make everything from decorative items and musical instruments to even furniture and homes. The island is home to the famous dancing monks and witnessing their performance will leave you awe-struck. The locals are known for their kindness and warmth and show great hospitality towards travellers. Don’t be surprised if you’re invited to their homes for dinner!

Majuli is home to a lot of migratory and endemic birds and this island is a paradise for those who are enthusiastic about bird-watching. You’ll see birds swoop down from the sky and gather around in flocks by the lake at sunset.

Children fishing on Majuli Island

Bihu Festival– Bihu is basically a celebration of the change of seasons and is a combination of three Bihu festivals. The Rangali Bihu Festival celebrated in Spring (mid-April); the Bhogali Bihu, celebrated in Winter (mid-January) and the Kati Bihu, held in Autumn (mid- October).

Rangali Bihu is the celebration of the sowing season and marks the arrival of Spring.

Bhogali Bihu is a harvest festival marking the end of harvesting season and is celebrated with many feasts and people offering prayers to the God of Fire.

And finally, Kati Bihu, the third festival, is a day-long celebration prior to the harvesting season.

Bihu dancers celebrating the festival

This festival brings people together from all over state irrespective of caste and creed. Traditional dance, song and delicious culinary treats make Bihu the most important aspect of celebrations and festivity in Assam.

Visit a Tea Estate- Assam is known for its lush green tea gardens all over the world. Imagine yourself surrounded by sloping green hills covered with tea bushes. An Assamese highlight is Kaliabor Tea Estate – it’s one of the oldest tea estates of Assam. In Kaliabor, you can walk through gardens, speak with owners and cultivators and learn as much as you want to about the wonderful cup of chai loved the world over.

Follow the journey of a cup of chai at Kaliabor Tea Estate

Assamese Cuisine- In India, food is the heart of every home and every culture. No matter how much you explore the state and its culture if you haven’t experienced the specific taste of the state your journey is still incomplete.

An Assamese thaali - low in spice and high in the freshness of ingredients

In Assam, the cuisine is characterized by very little use of spices, no overcooking, and strong flavours. Fish is widely used in this cuisine. Assamese cuisine is one of the healthiest dishes you can eat. Since it does not use heavy spices, it’s ideal for travellers with sensitive stomachs.

Start your Assamese culinary adventures with iconic dishes like the Masor Tenga (a light and sour fish), the Narasingh Masor Jhol (fish cooked in a light gravy of curry leaves), Poitabhat (fermented rice with mustard oil, pickles, and onions), and Aloo Pitika (mashed potatoes).

From expansive rivers named after gods and snow-capped mountains touching the heavens to green tea gardens and the friendliest people - experiencing Assam’s rich and deep culture is one that should be on every traveller’s list.


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