Rafting on the River Betwa: The Perfect Adventure

White water rafting is an adventure sport that should be on every traveller’s list.

Saved from the ravages of time and modern civilization is a small town called Orchha, which still carries remnants of its glorious past. And on the Betwa River, old-world charm comes into a seamless confluence with the modern world through river rafting.

Undoubtedly, river rafting is an exciting activity and we’re definitely going to talk about it. But first, a little peek into our beloved town.

An hour away from Jhansi, Orchha is a popular destination for locals as well as people from around the world. Orchha was ruled by the Bundela Kings and consequently has no dearth of palatial structures thanks to their influence. Moreover, Orchha is still surrounded by luscious greenery and clear blue water. And for ages, the town’s prominent lifeline has been the Betwa river, which not only serves as its water supply but also lends a picturesque view.

River Rafting on the Betwa

Because of the winding path the Betwa takes, Orchha has also become famous for water sports – something we mentioned right at the beginning – and above all else, this is a rafting trip of a lifetime!

The undulating water takes you along the views of colossal palaces and dense jungles. And, perhaps the best part about rafting on the Betwa, is that the waters are calm and easy enough for beginners to drift through.

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The rafting level on the Betwa is classified at Grade 2, which makes it adventurous enough for beginners and a calming retreat for expert rafters.

Rafting Times and Details

The rafting takes place twice in a day, early morning and evening and both these times are perfect; one gets you to catch the sunrise and the other takes you straight to the orange sunset over the tall chattris.

Each raft takes six people and a guide along with every measure of safety taken care of. If you’ve never gone rafting before, you have nothing to worry about – you’ll be absolutely safe and led by professionals who will provide all the necessary equipment.

And as tempting as it might be, don’t carry your camera with you unless you have a waterproof case for it. However, GoPro owners can finally rejoice! If you’re the lucky group that owns a GoPro, you’ll have plenty of photo opportunities for fun footage and pictures as the waves hit up against your raft!

All said and done, rafting on the Betwa is the perfect little adventure and a must-do whenever you’re in Orchha. And please do make the time to visit this little gem hidden in the heart of India. We promise you won’t be disappointed.


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