The capital of Spiti, Kaza is a helpfully compact launch pad for trips to spectacular Ki Gompa and fascinating high-altitude villages including Kibber, Langza and Komic.Lapped by majestic mountains covered in snow, meandering and bubbling rivers and streams and picturesque barren landscape with scattered patches of green, Kaza is a dream destination.

It is divided into two parts: old and new Kaza, each accommodating government offices and king's palace respectively. Monasteries, Gompas and other historic wonders add charm to this already magical city. Today, this city is a wonderful blend of modernity and unique ancient culture that will leave you enchanted with its mystery.

Best Time to Visit

Kaza, known as a cold desert, is freezing during winters with temperature dipping below freezing point.

The month of March marks the arrival of summer in Kaza when the temperatures rarely drop below 15 degrees Celsius by June. The days are hot but pleasant enough to venture out for touring the area and going sightseeing. Trekkers and campers can make the most out of summers in Kaza and hence, it becomes the peak season for travelling to this place.

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