Bhubaneshwar is a city bestowed with vibrant art and culture

Bhubaneswar, fondly known as the ' City of Temples', with its bucolic spirit and a beatific blend of diverse cultures, vast history, and impressive architecture along with some good, old sprinkling of sun and sand that bespeak why this destination is a favorite among wanderlusts around the world. Once rumored to have over a thousand temples, you will find the present ones adorning the city’s skyline with their temple spires touching the clouds while the saffron pennants at the pinnacle, flutter in the air. Bhubaneswar is also an enthralling pit stop with its vibrant, cultural traditions. Numerous fairs and festivals are organized throughout the year, celebrating the culture of the land.

History and Culture

Bhubaneshwar is a city bestowed with vibrant art and culture and was once reigned by Kalinga Kingdom, It is now renowned as the capital of Orissa. In literary terms, the word Bhubaneshwar implies for Lord of the Universe. It is a hub of many temples and the city is infested with many concrete lanes. The current city was established in 1946 and was designed by a famous German architect Otto Kongsberger. The capital once known for architecture and temples is now steadily progressing in commerce and business. It represents a harmonious blend of rich past and modern glory and forms a golden triangle of temples with Puri and Konark.

Interesting Facts

  • It is one of the first planned cities in India which were founded after the independence of the country.
  • One can still find the remains dating back to the 3rd century BCE on the outskirts of Bhubaneswar.
  • As per historical records, it was once home to thousands of temples which were frequented by millions of people every year.


Best Time
  • October - May

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