“Manali is amidst the mountain slopes, with spell-binding views, charming streams, fairy-tale-like fog surrounding little hidden cottages and a lingering scent of pines and freshness.”

Himachal Pradesh covers the north front of the country, offering the tourists with some of the most wonderful hill stations in the world and Manali is undoubtedly one of the most visited one. The main credit goes to its snow-covered peaks, alluring ambience, gorgeous valleys and lush greenery. It is a charming slope station located at the reservoir of the River Beas. The tourists from all parts of the world, look for the best tour packages for Manali, every year, as it is the most appreciated getaway in India.


Manali, often referred as the ‘Valley of Gods’ is believed to have a fabled past. The mythological history states that Manali was the abode of the great Sage Manu, the lawmaker of Mankind. However, the factual history states that the modern Manali was recognized as an exquisite summer resort by the Colonial rulers of erstwhile British India. They used to visit this exotic resort town during the summers to escape the scorching and blistering heat of the Northern Plains.


Manali has a unique diversity in its culture and rituals. The fairs and festivals celebrated in Manali are vibrant and carry a great economic and religious importance in the lives of the locals. They portray the innate traditionalism and highlight the rich cultural legacy of the bygone era. The cultural traits and ritualistic patterns have come down from the ancient times and become an integral part of the modern civilization as well. The rapid industrialisation has not affected their cultural traits.


Manali has a certain charm throughout the year; however the summer season from March to June is the best time to visit Manali. It has a pleasant weather throughout the day with cold nights. In winters, Manali gets decked in a bright coat of snow, making it look like a place straight out of a dream.

Best Time
  • March - June

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