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Lying north of the Indus River at the head of the Ulley Chhu Valley, the small village of Ulley in West Ladakh stands at almost 4,000 metres above sea level. The village and surrounding Ulley Valley area has only recently been developed for snow leopard tracking. From home stays, good views down the valley and the high mountains surrounding it, ulley is a place to visit both in winters and summers.

History and Culture:  

Their culture is rich and colorful, centering around the beliefs and practices of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism, the predominant religion. People here are perhaps the purest remaining examples of traditional Tibetan societies.

Interesting Facts: 

  • The mouth of the Ulley Valley in central Ladakh is about 12,000 feet above sea level. The village of Ulley, the last in the valley and the end of the scrawny, pitted road that is the area's only connection to the rest of India and the outside world, is about 14,300 feet in elevation.
  • Ulley is known for snow leopard tracking. 
  • The Snow Leopard trek is one of the few treks in Ulley which can be done during winter. Snow leopards are very elusive felines and there is a higher chance of spotting them during winter when they descend to the valleys in search of food.
  • It is also famous for Himalayan wildlife includes Siberian (Asiatic) ibex, urial (native wild sheep with long legs and relatively small horns), Himalayan fox, and wolf. 
  •  Amongst the bird highlights are chukor and Tibetan partridge, golden eagle, lammergeier, and red-billed chough, plus bearded and Himalayan griffon vultures.


The best time to visit this part of India is in Summer (April - September). Temperature ranging between 15-30° C. Winter calls to be the time when you can relish the beauty and adventure of trekking. (December - February) Temperature ranging between 0 to -23° C.

Best Time
  • April - September

Suggested trips for Ulley

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Snow Leopard by Rodney Jackson /

Ladakh: Snow Leopard Expedition

12 Days
  • A 12 days adventure, 4 nights in Leh & 7 nights in Ulley for potential sightings of snow leopards, ibex, bharals, wolves & many birds during snowy winter months
  • Overnight in Delhi & Leh in hotels & at Ulley in lodge
  • Expert spotters and wildlife guides
  • Transport in SUVs in Ladakh with assised airport transfers
  • Fly in & out of Leh & porterage of personal baggage of 20 kgs
  • Season is from December till Feburary
  • Grade is Easy Mountain Safari

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