"The serenity, the alluring atmosphere and the impressive setting with many beautiful white sandy beaches dotted with casuarina trees are all reasons as to why one would want to visit this wonderful town.”

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Famous for its intricately carved temples and rock-cut caves, Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram as it is famously known, is a historically important and well-loved tourist location situated on the Coromandel Coast along the Bay of Bengal, in the state of Tamil Nadu.

History and Culture

The history of Mahabalipuram is an intriguing one. Although its ancient history remains unclear, numismatics, temples and other sources of historical evidence suggest that it was a place of significance even before the temples were built. Some historical facts about Mahabalipuram are mentioned below:

  • Mahabalipuram is a historic city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • It became a prominent center of art and literature between 3rd and 7th century CE.

  • Ancient mariners referred to Mahabalipuram as the “land of the Seven Pagodas”.

  • Several coins excavated from here reveal the existence of trade with Romans in ancient times.

The beauty of the place is not only due to the architecture but the vast casuarinas trees, the silvery sandy beach, the classical handmade crafts around have made them all to form what is a collective splendor. Any visitor who visits Mahabalipuram will remain startled and intoxicated with the grandeur.  


The best time to plan a trip to Mahabalipuram is when the winter season sets in, which is between October and March. The climate remains good with warm days and cold nights, ideal for outdoor activities and for exploring the town. The period from November to February is the peak tourism season when the climate is salubrious.

Best Time
  • November - February

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