It’s a land that has seen the rule of the great Cholas, Marathas and Nayaks. It’s the home of one of India’s most spectacular temples and, some claim, the home of the sambar. From art to architecture to dance to music, there are so many reasons to make a trip to Tanjore.

Thanjavur properly situated in the Cauvery delta is the rice – bowl of Tami Nadu.  A fertile land that was also fertile for art, architecture and culture. Here are the ochre foundation blocks of perhaps the most remarkable civilisation of Dravidian history, one of the few kingdoms to expand Hinduism beyond India, a bedrock for aesthetic styles that spread from Madurai to the Mekong.

History and Culture

A dizzying historical legacy was forged from Thanjavur, capital of the great Chola empire during its heyday. Though it was a famous city from early times, its importance was fully understood only by the later Cholas (AD 846 – 1276) who built an empire making it their capital. It was Vijayalaya who founded the later Chola Kingdom here and Rajaraja the Great and his son Rajendra I were the real architects of the Chola empire that held sway over South India. Tanjore became the centre of Tamil learning and culture.  It became the orginal home of Dravidian art and architecture besides being the centre of Tamil classical dance which is now known as Bharatha Natyam all over the world.   Its further glory is the Carnatic music which is essence is nothing but classical Tamil music.  The only remains of its glorious past are the beautiful temples that were built by the Cholas known for their amazing architectural wonder, and not less than 74 of them are around Thanjavur itself.


The winter season is the best time to visit Tanjore as the weather remains cool and pleasant during this time. It is the perfect time for sightseeing around the place. The period from November to February in Thanjavur is pleasant, with a climate full of warm days and cool nights.

Best Time
  • November - February

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