Commonly associated with its delectable juicy varieties of oranges, Nagpur is also the winter capital of Maharashtra and has a rich cultural heritage to enchant its visitors.

Nagpur, also known as the 'Orange city' of India because of the juiciest varieties of oranges found in its orchards. With temples, lush green gardens, lakes and most definitely connected via main cities it becomes the ideal holiday destination. It is also known as the second capital of Maharashtra as a lot of government offices are here.


Nagpur is the second capital of Maharashtra. Initially, Nagpur was ruled by the Gonds, but then province started slipping to the Marathas in 1739. After being acquired by the Marathas, the city was declared to be the capital by the Bhonsles. Eventually, it came under the influence of the British. After Independence, Vidharbha, the district that Nagpur lies in, was planned to be a part of Madhya Pradesh. But because of its Marathi speaking population, Vidharbha was merged with Maharashtra.


Also widely known as the Orange City, Nagpur has an assimilation of all the cultures around India. This city is said to be the least discriminatory city in Maharashtra. All cultures and religions are treated equally and given respect. Festivals from all Indian cultures are observed here. Ganesh Chaturthi especially is celebrated with vigour and pomp. It is also the home to South Central Cultural Zone, which is established by the government to promote India’s tradition, culture and heritage.


Winter is the best season for a visit to Nagpur. The months when Nagpur is ideal for a trip for the October - March.

Best Time
  • October - March

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Nagpur Market by VinyS / CC BY

City Market


Nagpur is one of the major cities of Maharashtra where one can go on a shopping spree. It has a variety of shopping stores and malls where one can shop. All kinds of stuff ranging from clothes to footwear to accessories can all be found at a single place. It is also famous for its mouth-watering delicacies. The killer combination of food and music wins the heart for sure.


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