It is a city with a great mixture of modern life and architecture, and old colonial buildings.

Colombo is Sri Lanka's prime city. The official capital, Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte, is also within the urban area of Colombo, so Colombo is often called the capital of Sri Lanka as well. The city has a rich colonial heritage, and also some very scenic and popular attractions. Colombo is arguably Sri Lanka's most popular tourist destination. The coastal city is a beautiful place to spend a couple of days just relaxing, indulging in the local food and leisure activities.

History and Culture

Its natural harbour at the mouth of the Kelani River was a magnet for successive traders and conquerors – initially the Arab merchants, then Portuguese, Dutch and British imperialists. The city is a jarring mix of old and new, with a central cluster of high-rise office blocks and hotels overshadowing red-tiled colonial-era buildings and sprawling street markets which overflow with high-piled fruit and vegetables, colourful silks and cottons, and deliciously fragrant spices.

Due to it being on a strategic route in the Indian Ocean, Colombo hosts one of the busiest ports in South Asia, and was known to ancient traders 2,000 years ago. Today, the city is the central point of the country's activities and is home to the majority of country's restaurants and entertainment venues.

Interesting Facts

  • Colombo is the commercial capital and largest city of Sri Lanka.

  • The Royal Colombo Golf Club, founded over 130 years ago, it is the second oldest Royal Golf Club after the United Kingdom.

  • One of the Sri Lanka’s best-kept secrets is the shopping opportunities in Colombo.

  • There is a place in Colombo, Pettah, a maze of streets with goods of every description, from colorful textiles, gold and silver, and colonial-era antiquities to the necessities of everyday life.

  • Colombo, Sri Lanka is known for its cinnamon, specifically C.Verum cinnamon of which the country still produces 80-90 percent of the world supply.


Colombo features a tropical monsoon. Colombo's climate is fairly temperate all throughout the year. The only major change in the Colombo weather occurs during the monsoon seasons from May to August and October to January. This is the time of year where heavy rains can be expected. 

Best Time
  • December - March

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