This beautiful Paro valley is about 2250m above the sea level. Paro is believed to be one of the first valleys to have received the influences of the Buddhism. The wide and fertile Paro valley has both an ancient and a modern face.

History and Culture

Paro is the entry way to the land of Bhutan. This place is filled with the stories of legends as well as some of the greatest fights in the history of Bhutan. According to many people this is the place where Guru Rimpoche came riding on the back of Tigress to spread the concept of Buddhism. He established some of the most famous monasteries in the country such as the Tiger Nest.

It is home to some of the oldest and most revered temples in the kingdom of Bhutan. This is quite location for someone who enjoys being close to nature while at the same time appreciated sacred places.


October to December is the ideal time to visit Paro as the air is clear and fresh with sunny skies. January and February are colder, but from then until April the climate remains dry and pleasant and in late spring the famous rhododendrons bloom spectacularly, flooding the valleys with colour. 

Best Time
  • October - December

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