The scenic town of Pelling is a perfect holiday destination for all nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

Pelling is located in the state of Sikkim at an average elevation of 2,150 meters above sea level. The town lies amidst the foothill of the snow-capped Eastern Himalayas and provide panoramic views of the surroundings and mountain peaks like Kanchenjunga which is the 3rd highest peak on Earth. Most of the terrain is rocky with montane forest and few hill slopes which have been converted into terrace farms.

History and Culture

The town of Pelling, in the state of Sikkim, is believed to have been the first capital of the state. The Namgyal dynasty ruled over the kingdom of Sikkim between 1642 and 1975. The kingdom was established by fifth-generation descendants of Guru Tashi. 

The culture in Pelling is highly influenced by Tibetan Buddhism with several Buddhist monasteries located across the town. Pelling has incredible natural and cultural treasure embedded in itself for one to explore.


Pelling has pleasant weather throughout the year to visit however should be avoided in Monsoons has it receives heavy rainfall and risks of landslide.

Best Time
  • January - December

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