Karnataka is a state in southwest India with Arabian Sea coastlines. A stunning introduction to southern India, Karnataka is a prosperous, compelling state loaded with a winning blend of urban cool, glittering palaces, national parks, ancient ruins, beaches, yoga centres and legendary travellers' hang-outs. From beautiful landscapes to rich cultural heritage, serene beaches and scrumptious food, Karnataka is indeed a world in itself!


At its nerve centre is the capital, Bengaluru (Bangalore), a progressive cybercity famous for its craft-beer and restaurant scene. Heading out of town you'll encounter the evergreen rolling hills of Kodagu, dotted with spice and coffee plantations, the regal splendour of Mysuru (Mysore), and jungles teeming with monkeys, tigers and Asia’s biggest population of elephants.

If that all sounds too mainstream, head to the countercultural enclave of tranquil Hampi, with hammocks, psychedelic sunsets and boulder-strewn ruins. Or the blissful, virtually untouched coastline around Gokarna, blessed with beautiful coves and empty sands. Or leave the tourist trail behind entirely and take a journey to the evocative Islamic ruins of northern Karnataka.


Karnataka's state cuisine has one of the oldest surviving cuisines of the Kanada culture. Primarily, consisting of rice, pulses and Rotis made of wheat/Jowar along with rich, spiced curries. Udupi cuisine from Udupi and Mysore are loved by the localities and people from outside and has now seeped into various cultures in and around Karnataka. The famous Masala Dosas and variety of idlis, Rava Dosas and Medu Vada are all part of the Udupi cuisine that well-known in the state. Sambhar and rice for the sweet tooth, Mysore Pak, Dharwad's peda, Holige and Sajjige are some mouth-watering sweet dishes.


Karnataka is a vibrant state famous for its grand festivals. Many festivals of Karnataka are conducted in the name of art, religion, seasons etc. The famous Dussehra festival of Mysore to Kambala Buffalo race in Mangalore, the state is full of festivals and fiestas. Some of the major festivals are Dussehra, Ugadi, Pongal, Hampi Festival and Kambala Festival.

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The Garden City The Garden City Karnataka

Bangalore city is rightly called as the Garden City with a wide array of parks and gardens which are spread all over the city increasing the beauty of the city. Not just this, the city has been adorned with many interesting yet suitable names.


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