India has been well known for textiles since very ancient times. Rome, China and Egypt everywhere traces have been found of Indian textiles. India is a textile hub and it has thousands of clusters which beautifully weave and give us the most beautiful fabrics which mesmerize our eyes. 

India’s textiles are embedded in every aspect of its identity. Courtly splendour was proclaimed by magnificent fabrics and religious worship still finds expression through cloth. Global trade systems were formed on the export of Indian fabrics, and the hand-making of cloth continues to shape India today.  Some of the famous Indian fabrics and prints are- Bagru, Kalamkari, Chikankari, Khadi, Banarasi, Pashmina, Patola, Phulkari, Baandhani, Kaanjivaram, Ajrakh and Sangneri.

Textile itineraries allow travellers to be immersed in local rituals and routines, taking away not only pretty photos but also shared memories of unique experiences. For destinations, it encourages local communities to embrace their culture and boosts economic growth. India developing culturally geared tourism programs encourage destinations to celebrate and promote what distinguishes their communities, and in doing so, provides the opportunity for authentic cultural exchange between locals and travellers.

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