Bajana is a village situated in Khambhalia tehsil and located in Jamnagar district of Gujarat. 

Bajana situated in Sourashtra is one of the many Indian princely states - A state that was not part of the British India prior independence. Bajana is a famous tourism hub in Rajkot and is known for the Royal safari camps that arrange safaris to the famous wild ass wildlife sanctuary located in the Little Rann of Kutch.

Bajana is surrounded by several tribal villages, making the stay here fascinating and especially exciting for photographers. Bets Island near Bajana on ancient sea bed supports pink flamingos, great white pelicans, common cranes, water birds (bharami duck, grey leg goose, home duck, bar headed goose, black buck, blue bull, hyenas, gudkhur - Asiatic wild ass, only found here).

Visit the Rabari & Bhairwad tribal villages around Dasada, Vadiara & Kharapat Rabaries  are known for their embroidery & silk weavers, also the agrarian and nearby villages to see salt workers and Kaharagoda for salt fields. 


Best Time
  • May - December

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Tangalia Weaving


The unique art form of Tangalia with its dotted splendor is practiced by the Dangasia Community in Bajana. Dangasia is the only community having the knowledge of this weaving technique. Women of Bharwad community are often seen wearing dotted wrapped skirts of Tangalia weaving.


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