What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides its well preserved secrets.

In the distant reaches and vast expanse of the Thar Desert, far off the beaten tourist trail is the unique village called Jamba.  It is located in Phalodi Tehsil of Jodhpur district in Rajasthan, India. This is a perfect place to get away from the big cities and enjoy the solitude of the desert life.

History and Culture

The village Jamba was the birth place of the founding saint of the Bishnois - Jambeshwar or Jambaji. The main temple dedicated to Jambaji is famous for the two festivals that take place here in September/October and March/April. The desert around Jamba is home to nomadic tribes with a rich and colourful lifestyle. The unique Bishnoi people are true eco-warriors of the region. They are known conservationists for whom the preservation of animal life and vegetation is a religion and has been from the early 15th century. 

Magnificently having numerous sand dunes, it is a wonderful base to explore the remote areas of Rajasthan and, most importantly, to interact with the living cultures of rural India. Spectacular sunsets from any corner of the village and quiet moments with the rare colors that tint the western horizon. The eastern front is equally spectacular in the early hours of the morning. Each is an individual experience with the superpowers of nature.


Jamba village experiences a desert climate wherein the mornings and nights are cold while afternoons are warm. The temperature is pleasant in evenings, a perfect time to go for a Camel Safari. The best time to visit Jamba is in the months from October to February.

Best Time
  • October - February

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