Enjoy the privilege to experience surreal spectacles of nature's romance and man's endeavours to carefully preserve the breath-taking imperial history. 

Jabalpur, located on the shores of river Narmada, is an industrial city in Madhya Pradesh picking up as a tourist destination because of its splendid ghats, waterfalls and a mild glitter of historical and cultural structures.

History and Culture

Pleasure resort and capital of the Gond Kings during the 12th century, Jabalpur was later the seat of the Kalchuri dynasty. The Marathas held sway over Jabalpur until 1817, when the British wrested it from them and left their impression on the spacious cantonment with its colonial residences and barracks. Jabalpur is famous for its durry designs which is a craft form where carpets are handmade from cotton and wool. The city is also known as Sanskardhani and is the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh as it is associated with many cultural connoisseurs who have performed exceptionally in the department of fine arts. Domestic tourists mostly come here to visit Marble Rocks, an attractive river gorge nearby, but for foreigners this industrial city of chowks (market areas) and working-men’s taverns is mainly useful as a launch pad for Madhya Pradesh's famous tiger parks: Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Pench.


September to March is the best time to visit Jabalpur. The climate here is humid subtropical, typical to the south-central region over the Deccan. So the best time to visit Jabalpur is around winter when the temperatures are low, and the climate is very much pleasant. 

Best Time
  • September - March

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