Madhya Pradesh got its name because of its geographical position, being located in the centre of India. However, it's tagline 'The Heart of Incredible India' has more to do with the fact that it houses facets of the whole of India into this state. From the historical monuments to modern amenities, culture, food and people- this state gives a taste of entire India packed within its geographical boundaries.


The spotlight doesn’t hit Madhya Pradesh (MP) with quite the same brilliance as it shines on more celebrated neighbouring states, so you can experience travel riches ranking with the best without that feeling of just following a tourist trail.

Khajuraho’s temples bristle with some of the finest stone carving in India, their exquisite erotic sculptures a mere slice of the architectural wonders of a region exceedingly well endowed with palaces, forts, temples, mosques and stupas, most gloriously in the villages of Orchha and Mandu. Tigers are the other big news here, and your chances of spotting a wild Royal Bengal in MP are as good as anywhere in India.

The state is well known for its handicrafts and different art forms. Some of them are- Bamboo and Cane work- It is used for producing various utility articles like baskets, fishing traps and agricultural implements. Carpets- Gwalior is known for carpet weaving since the period of the Mughal empire. Durries- They are mainly manufactured in Sironj, Jabalpur, Jhabua, Raigarh and Shahdol by rural women using the Punja technique. The prints give your house a very refreshing look. Folk Paintings- Rural women from home-made colours make these. They depict the local festivals of the state. Jute Works- Various items from Jute such as baskets, hanging lamps, flower vases, hammocks, swings, purses etc. are made.


The cuisine at the heart of India is lined with diverse styles and specialities, which vary across the vast boundaries of the state. Given its size, and a unique personality that each of its towns and cities carries, it's only natural that the food here too sustains a vibrant variety, grandeur and flavour of its own.


The colorful state of Madhya Pradesh observes many fairs and festivals throughout the year. It is the tribal fairs and festivals of Madhya Pradesh which are a celebration of the cultural lifestyles of the colorful tribes of the place. The tribal festivals in Jhabua and Bastar are known for its cheerful festivities, drinking bouts and striking entertainment like cock fighting, candid dancing, etc.

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The Land of Glittering Marble Rocks The Land of Glittering Marble Rocks Madhya Pradesh

Jabalpur, located on the shores of river Narmada, is an industrial city in Madhya Pradesh picking up as a tourist destination because of its splendid ghats, waterfalls and a mild glitter of historical and cultural structures.



A Gem amongst India's Tiger Reserves A Gem amongst India's Tiger Reserves Madhya Pradesh

The Reserve is situated in the Vindhyan Ranges and spreads over Panna and Chattarpur districts in the north of the state. Panna National Park was created in 1981. It was declared a Project Tiger Reserve by the Government of India in 1994.


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