West Bengal is an Indian state located in the eastern region of the country along the Bay of Bengal. A sliver of fertile and densely populated land running from the tea-draped Himalayan foothills to the steamy mangroves of the Bay of Bengal, West Bengal presents a remarkable range of destinations and experiences within a single state.


In the tropical southern areas, the wildlife-rich, mangrove-lined waterways of the Sundarbans vie for attention with Bishnupur's ornate terracotta Hindu temples and the cultured, arty vibes of Shantiniketan. Upstream from Kolkata on the Hooghly River (a branch of the Ganges) to the cool northern hills are home not just to quaint British-era hill stations like bustling Darjeeling and more laid-back Kalimpong, but also to fantastic vistas of massive Khangchendzonga, rolling green tea estates, some great hiking and 'toy trains' of the almost 140-year-old Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.

West Bengal boasts of different ethnicities, cultures, religions, people and languages which adds to its beautiful landscapes, forests, coastal beauty as well as its heritage. The culture of the state is adorned by colourful fairs and festivals every month. A vast number of famous pilgrimages also attract a large number of tourists of all faiths and beliefs.


The land of culture and literature is also a haunt for foodies and people who relish the art of cooking. The cuisine is rich in flavour, in colour and in the culture and heritage that it represents. Food is a way of life in Bengal. The primary and most essential elements of the food here are fish, lentils and rice. The food gets its flavours from the five main spices- Cumin, Nigella, Fenugreek, Aniseed and Mustard seed and most of the dishes are generally prepared in mustard oil. Sukto, Ambole, Pitha, Chingri Macher Malai curry, Maccher Jhol, Begun bhaja (fried eggplant) are a few delicacies that almost sum up the cuisine of Bengal.


Fairs and Festivals of West Bengal are the main attractions when people from different parts of the world come and enjoy. The main feature of the fairs and festivals are that people from various parts of the world come and mishmashes with the true spirit of West Bengal’s celebration. Some of the major festivals are Durga Puja, Rash Mela, Poush Mela, Basanta Utsav and Teesta Tea & Tourism Festival.

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