The gushing Brahmaputra river carries with it untold tales from thousands of years past, and the peaceful ambience lingering in the city despite its modern lifestyle is one of the main reasons you should visit Guwahati.

Guwahati is the largest city in Assam and Northeast India. The slow, meandering Brahmaputra River is a focal point of the downtown while the lush hills of the Shillong Plateau provide a verdant backdrop for the suburbs.

History and Culture

There is a magical aura that still lingers over the ever-expanding city. The demon king Narkasura is said to have built this ancient city. Another reason for Guwahati's charm is its being the ancient 'Kamrup', the birthplace of Kamdeva, the God of Love.

Today it is known as the largest commercial, educational and industrial centre of the entire north eastern region in India. Guwahati can be visited for reasons more than one. The fabled land of tea plantations and nature tourism has many other gems up its sleeve to lure visitors. The gateway to the seven sisters (seven states of northeast India) is indeed a land that hides a few mysteries under its veil.

Interesting facts

  • It is hard to believe that the 3+ km. width of Brahmaputra is one of its narrowest sections. Its widest section is over 10 km in width.

  • There is a riverine island in Guwahati which has an iron post set by some king as a measure of depth. It is considered that if that iron post sinks in flood, the whole of Guwahati will sink.

  • The whole of North East has fresh air, but there is saying in Assamese called 'Guwahatir hawa (air) lagil' meaning 'The kid got spoilt'.


Guwahati's climate is subtropical type. The perfect time to plan holidays here is during October to March.

Best Time
  • October - March

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