If tea is a special treat for you, your love will bring you to Jorhat!

Jorhat is the cultural capital of Assam; home to the largest Tea research station, there are as many as 135 tea gardens in Jorhat.

History and Culture

Inhabited by the people of different cultures, Jorhat has intriguing history to tell; it was the last capital of Ahom dynasty, which reigned supreme in Assam for more than six centuries. Jorhat is one of the prime tourist places of Assam as it also houses the largest river island in the world named Majuli, which is on Brahmaputra River. Jorhat is also best known to be a profiting commercial centre for its jewellery making industry. The entire sections of skilful artisans who are engaged in jewellery making know the style to blend traditional designs to contemporary styles. The jewellery items from Jorhat are some of the worth possessing specimens pertaining to their tradition. The vibrant and colorful tradition of Jorhat is reflected well on its art of jewellery making.  Jorhat would take you back to the rich historic hues of the place.


The best season to visit Jorhat is the winter season. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for sightseeing. The best months to visit are from October to March.

Best Time
  • October - March

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Tea Estate

Maniram Dewan, a Sirastadar of an Assistant Commissioner had established this tea estate in 1850. At that time, he worked under the British administration at Jorhat. The Cinnamora Tea Estate is the first tea estate of Assam! The beautiful tea plant is beguiling green...

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