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Nako Village by Sumita Roy Dutta / CC BY

The Kinnaur & Spiti Program

13 Days

Starting the jeep safari through the beautiful and lush green valleys of Simla and then the Kinnaur Valleys inhabited by Hindus with their ornately carved wooden temples dotting the countryside under the shadows of the Mount Kinner Kailash, we then transit into the lunar landscape of Spiti, which is part of the Tibetan Plateau. Kinnauri folks are known for their beautiful traditional dresses and ornate, traditional, silver jewellery. The drive through gushing river valleys is both exciting and a wonderful adventure staying in lovely little lodges and camps. 


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Camel Cart Safari


Forget cars, jeeps, buses and aeroplanes while you are a guest at the resort. In this secluded vale, you get thrown back in time as you travel on camel carts to sleepy villages where time seems to stand still. As the ‘ship of the desert’ gently pulls the cart along unpaved, sandy paths, there is a gentle, undulating rhythm in its movement.


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