If it was all that we saw of India, we would feel we had seen the very best the country has to offer. Such beauty!

Set in the heart of India and nestled amidst the Aravalis, Gadoli village is located in the rural countryside of Rajasthan. One can easily move around on camels or by camel carts. Marvel at the beautiful scenery and potentially spot some of the desert wildlife. The vibrant culture and rich heritage of this place draws innumerable tourists from across the globe.Tucked away within a valley inside the Aravali Hills, home to the community of Meena Tribals, the joy and spirit of rustic life is palpable on the  lively faces of the village folks. Here, in many ways, time has stood still and globalisation has had little impact.


The perfect time to visit Gadoli is from the months of September to March. During this time, the climate of the village is very pleasant.

Best Time
  • September - March

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