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Chor Bazar Mumbai

A visit to Mumbai Markets


Chor Bazaar’s literal translation is the Thieves Market, although, it was born on the premise of ‘Shor’ Bazaar, which meant a noisy market. It was named so, because it was used to house mechanics and their repair garages. The British for the greater convenience of their tongue misnamed it Chor’ Bazaar.

Nagpur Market by VinyS / CC BY

City Market


Nagpur is one of the major cities of Maharashtra where one can go on a shopping spree. It has a variety of shopping stores and malls where one can shop. All kinds of stuff ranging from clothes to footwear to accessories can all be found at a single place. It is also famous for its mouth-watering delicacies. The killer combination of food and music wins the heart for sure.


Food Walk

  • Street Food Walk – Khau Gully

A tour dedicated to the street food of Mumbai! If you are in the mood to tickle your taste buds or are looking for an excuse to ditch that diet and indulge in some gluttony – then look no further! This tour takes you through the bylanes enjoying a cultural joyride through food.


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